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The Evolution of MEPS Real-Time, Inc. and Intelliguard® RFID Solutions

Every business started somewhere; some from more humble beginnings than others. For MEPS Real-Time, Inc., what started as an idea originally conceived on an airport napkin has evolved into a paradigm-shifting technology. Today, the promise of a flourishing, global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) industry is evident with use cases in the defense, manufacturing, retail, logistics, apparel, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., MEPS Real-Time, Inc. ( is a leading innovator of RFID solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

Our Intelliguard® RFID Solutions offer unprecedented visibility and automation of the management and replenishment processes of pharmaceutical inventory to improve patient safety, maximize efficiency and reduce costs associated with high-value critical dose drug inventory management in hospital pharmacies.

MEPS Real-Time® was established originally as a division of Safety Syringes Inc. which was acquired by BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX). The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Howard Energy Co., Inc. based in Traverse City, Michigan.


Vision and Mission

The vision of MEPS Real-Time, Inc. is to deliver original, innovative RFID solutions that help healthcare providers ensure safe, quality patient care by assuring the right drugs in the right quantities are available when and where they’re needed.

Our mission is to develop and implement RFID solutions that improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce costs and increase patient safety related to critical inventory management and processes in healthcare. Our goal is to ensure situations never arise in which medications are unavailable when needed and to effectively enable expired, recalled or otherwise compromised inventory to be easily be identified and removed so that a patient’s health and safety is never compromised.


Management Team

Shariq Hussain

President and CEO

As President and CEO of MEPS Real-Time, Inc. Shariq works with the Company’s Board of Directors and senior leadership team to lead and operationalize overall business strategy and global market expansion goals. He assumed his current responsibilities in 2008 and has defined the Company’s values, mission and vision; recruited top-tier talent, and provides oversight to all day-to-day operations. Beginning in 2001 as one of the founders of MEPS Real-Time®, Shariq established the Company’s blueprint to identify and transform products, applications and RFID technology into an integrated product solution suite and establish MEPS® as a recognized innovator in RFID solutions for pharmacy operations, medication safety and inventory management. His extensive background and knowledge in systems integration, RFID and information technology is critical to lead MEPS® through its next phase of growth.

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Angela Smoley

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Smoley is the Chief Financial Officer at MEPS Real-Time, Inc. where she is responsible for financial planning, accounting, tax and auditing. In this role, she also serves as a key strategic leader in the company’s overall corporate development.

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Jim Caputo

Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Another one of the founders of MEPS Real-Time, Jim is also one of the inventors on the company patents. Jim’s forward-thinking and 35 years of experience in the medical industry with Cardinal/Carefusion, IVAC Corporation, American Hospital Supply and other major medical device companies, brings sound strategic vision and judgment to our MEPS® team.

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Jay Williams

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Jay brings over thirty years of healthcare industry experience and relationships in distribution, manufacturing, start-ups and consulting to sales and business development at MEPS®.

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Tom Hall

Vice President, Operations

Tom joined the MEPS® team in 2010 after eleven years at Safety Syringes, Inc. His vital role in our growth and development places him with responsibility in the manufacturing of the Intelliguard® product line and adherence to all FCC and other regulatory agency requirements.

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Paul Elizondo

Vice President, Engineering and R&D

As Director of Engineering and R&D since 2009, Paul focuses on the development and optimization of all RFID-enabled systems within the Intelliguard® product line. Paul is a recognized expert in his field and has enabled systems in most RFID frequency bands including applications in supply chain, airline baggage, vehicle identification and healthcare.

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Valerie Fritz

Vice President of Marketing

As the Vice President of Marketing, Valerie develops and executes the marketing and communications strategy to support business growth. She is accountable for planning, organizing, and managing all marketing functions to achieve company objectives for the current and future suite of solutions.

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Leon Wong

Director of Product Implementation and Client Services

As Director of Product Implementation and Client Services at MEPS Real-Time®, Leon is responsible for all Intelliguard® RFID Solutions installation and support.

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Patents, Trademarks and Intellectual Property

MEPS Real-Time® has integrated and brought to production two patented and exclusive Dynamic Sensor Module (DSM) antenna solutions to increase read rates and reliability of RFID systems specifically to address medical applications. These DSM™ technologies are incorporated to provide excellent RFID system performance in a size-efficient and cost-effective form factors. MEPS® has developed RFID systems that operate at the ISM 915 MHz frequency band. This frequency band was selected for its enhanced propagation characteristics. Our patented and exclusive intellectual property allow us to integrate antenna systems into challenging environments such as metalized refrigerators and cabinets as well as small volume areas.

MEPS Real-Time® holds nine issued patents, has eight patent applications pending in the United States, and one patent and 24 applications in other countries that relate to aspects of the technology used in its products.

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MEPS®, MEPS Real-Time® and Intelliguard® are registered trademarks and RFID Solutions for Critical Inventory™ and Dynamic Sensor Module™ are trademark of MEPS Real-Time, Inc.