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How Intelliguard® RFID Solutions Reduce Errors and Improve Patient Safety, RXInsider Interview with Shariq Hussain, President and CEO of MEPS Real-Time

How Does MEPS Real-Time® Improve a Hospital’s Operations?

The name of our company is MEPS Real-Time®. MEPS stands for "Medication Error Prevention System." When we started, the idea was to prevent medication errors and save lives. We had to start somewhere in the hospital. We started with the hospital pharmacy.

One of the things that our Kit and Tray Management System does, it allows you to efficiently replenish trays that are being used all over the hospital, tackle boxes, fanny packs, etc. It not only helps the pharmacy in efficiency and labor savings, because it is [typically] a very manual process, all the trays that actually get out and to the floor are error free. Essentially, if you're preventing an error right in the pharmacy, the error will not happen at the patient bedside.

Our second product line is Inventory Management Systems, again, built around the same premise that you have access to inventory right when you need it. These are our Control Temperature Cabinets and some of the things that we track are very expensive, but they are life-saving drugs like blood factors. We've had incidents where hospitals were able to look at our inventory and actually quickly borrow to save lives in hospitals that did not even actually have our product.