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Introduction to Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System

Introduction to Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System

Want to save your pharmacy staff thousands of hours of tedious work while greatly improving patient safety and reducing costs? MEPS Real-Time® has the answer. Manually processing the medications in your hospital’s pharmacy kits, trays and boxes is more than just time-consuming and tedious. There’s a dangerous potential for human error. It takes technicians and pharmacists a considerable amount of time to conduct this task every day. The lack of standardized processes and monotony can lead to mistakes.

If a drug is recalled the chaos and interruption is significant. You have to send out search parties and hopefully they find them all, but there is a better, safer way to maintain your drug kits, trays and boxes that ensures clinicians always have what they need when they need it.

Introducing the Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System from the innovators at MEPS Real-Time®. The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System uses advanced RFID technology to automate inventory management and replenishment, saving your staff significant time, and helping safeguard patients by ensuring medication kit inventories are always complete and accurate.

With the ability to read high-density trays, multi-layered drug boxes and overlapping tags, the system can scan hundreds of medications in a matter of seconds. Using the touch screen workstation is easy. Tray inventory is scanned instantly. The system automatically verifies medications, expiration dates and PAR levels against each tray’s formulary. Missing, expired, or soon-to-expire drugs are identified for processing and a detailed report is printed that highlights the itemized inventory plus critical details, including first medication to expire, who restocked and approved it, as well as the date and time it was done. When there’s a recalled drug, the system can pinpoint exactly which trays that drug is located in across the hospital. Now you can make sure your kits and trays are always stocked with nothing missing, nothing recalled and nothing expired. Just the right drugs and the right doses, when and where you need them.

The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System by MEPS Real-Time®; better for pharmacists, better for clinicians, better for patients. Contact us for a short conversation to discuss your hospital’s needs. If you like what you hear we’ll schedule an on-site visit where we can show you the details.