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Overview of Verified Inventory Program Consignment (VIPC) with FFF Enterprises

Overview of Verified Inventory Program Consignment (VIPC) with FFF Enterprises

Introducing the cutting-edge inventory management solution for healthcare providers. Manage high value and critical care products with increased visibility. Monitor accurately and report through Verified Inventory Program-Consignment, VIPc, developed by FFF Enterprises, a major distributor of plasma products, vaccines and bio-pharmaceuticals in the United States. The VIPc system is a radio-frequency identification or RFID-based solution that tracks and monitors these sensitive products and the conditions in which they are stored.

VIPc allow you to: track and receive reports about pedigree, lot numbers and expiry of medications in your pharmacy, automate error-prone manual tasks, optimize inventory levels with automatic replenishment to customized levels, identify recalled products easily, eliminate your carrying costs, easily meet compliance requirements, increase staff efficiency, focus on patient care, enhance patient safety.

What are the advantages to this system? Lives are saved when these critical care products can be kept on-hand in healthcare facilities. Money is saved. Customers are invoiced only for products they use not for products stored. Keep your critical inventory stocked automatically. Set the levels to meet your needs and refill products if your inventory reaches a specific limit. All cabinets are temperature controlled and come with built-in RFID readers and antennas configured to work with Ethernet, WiFi or cellular connections.

The VIPc RFID technology continually monitors cabinet temperature and stock sending email alerts and notifications that can be received on any smart device. FFF Enterprises applies an RFID tag to each product box that links a unique ID to its description and expiration data in the VIPc system. The tagged products are then shipped to customers who receive them and place them in the temperature controlled cabinet. Upon closing the cabinet door, the cabinet's reader uses the RFID technology to identify each item's ID tag and updates the system.

Today's healthcare organizations are tasked with decreasing costs while improving patient outcomes. The efficient management of your inventory; that's a direct impact on your patient's safety as well as your bottom line. Streamline your high value medication inventory management with our system that provides unprecedented real-time visibility of your critical care products, freeing you to focus on your patients. To learn more about FFF Enterprises' Verified Inventory Program-Consignment, VIPc, contact us at, or call 800-843-7477 extension 1142.