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Cool Technology for Pharmacy - The Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System™

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Posted on Nov 3, 2016 by Valerie Fritz

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Cool Technology for Pharmacy - The Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System™

We were thrilled to introduce the new Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System™ to anesthesiologists and pharmacists at ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2016 (ASA) and the California Society of Health-System Pharmacists (CSHP) events last month. Intelliguard® LVIS™ is the first medication inventory optimization system uniquely designed to support anesthesia care teams.  Using patented and exclusive RFID technology, LVIS™ automatically captures data on every medication removed or returned – with no scanning or manual recording required – allowing care teams to focus on patient care while providing pharmacists with the accurate, real-time inventory information they need.

According to Jerry Fahrni, PharmD, who visited LVIS™ at ASA, the attention to detail in the product is clear and “there are several little things that show how much thought went into the product.” One example is the ability to configure access to each LVIS drawer individually, which according to a comment on the blog post by Mr. Ray Vrabel, who visited LVIS™ at CSHP …also allows the anesthesia provider to open and shut non-controlled substance drawers repeatedly during the case without a new login. This is very user friendly.”  Read the full blog post with details and photos of LVIS™ on Jerry Fahrni’s blog titled: “Cool Technology for Pharmacy – Linked Visibility Inventory System.”

The response to LVIS™ has been tremendous and we appreciate all the input and feedback we have received. If you’d like to learn more about the Intelliguard® LVIS™ for your pharmacy please contact our product management team at

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