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MEPS® Implementation Team of trained pharmacy technicians offer ongoing Consulting Services to help clients maximize pharmacy efficiency by refining daily processes to optimize how you support health care delivery.

Understanding that pharmacy operations can vary greatly among health systems–whether you are centralized, with staff and equipment located in a single area of the hospital; or decentralized, where there is a main pharmacy in a central location with satellites located throughout the health system at key patient care units, we understand your pharmacy needs.

We work in collaboration with you to hardwire people, processes and technology to achieve the best possible outcomes based on the size, needs, resources and focus of your health system.

We engage key leaders and staff in understanding the need, measuring the success and guiding the execution of change. Once your solution is installed and functioning, our product experts help you measure improvement and identify future opportunities for increasing efficiency and optimizing inventory. We also offer ongoing training on how to use the powerful reporting suite and capitalize on the business intelligence it provides.

Through in-depth Time and Motion Study analysis and quarterly business reviews, we’ll help you draw insights from the data produced and offer knowledge of successful practices used across MEPS Real-Time® clients to help quantify and understand the value and benefit of automation to assure your facility reaches its desired outcomes