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A key consideration for your facility is the service model of the vendor you choose–particularly for implementation and conversion from your current manual workflow to an automated system. At MEPS®, we offer a complete, implemented and functional solution–not only do we fully install the actual hardware and software as well as import and configure your drug and tray formularies, we fully convert your pharmacy for RFID automation.

For our Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System, implementation services include converting all current trays in circulation plus all forward stock in your facility. That usually amounts to 10,000 –15,000 items at initial conversion.

For our Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory Stations and Inventory Management Systems, we also offer a complete, implemented and functional solution. We fully install the actual stations, controlled temperature cabinets and associated software. We also work with you to organize your stations and cabinets, as well as fully convert all current inventory targeted for your new stations and cabinets plus any forward stock in your facility with RFID  Smart Tags.

Our trained pharmacy technician Implementation Team is typically on site for 10-20 days to assure successful conversion, training and workflow process change management as a standard part of our solution. We don’t leave until your pharmacy is entirely converted, trained and has a fully functional system. The only ongoing task you have is to tag your new inventory with RFID Smart Tags as it arrives.