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Kit and Tray Management System

The right drugs, in the right quantities — when and where you need them.

Faster, Safer RFID-Enabled Kit and Tray Processing

The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System does not require item-level scanning or manual counting. Using advanced RFID technology, medication kit and tray replenishment and inventory management is automated. With the ability to read high-density trays, multi-layer tackle boxes and overlapping labels, this revolutionary system can scan more than 150 medications in a matter of seconds to ensure medication kit Inventories are always complete and accurate.


How it Works
The Intelliguard® RFID Solutions process begins by placing a small RFID tag onto medication packages. The RFID tag consists of an antenna and a chip that contains a Unique Identifier. Using the Intelliguard® System Workstation, information such as manufacturer, medication name, NDC number, lot number and expiration date are associated with the unique identifier and placed into a relational database to be utilized throughout the application. 

When a kit or tray is returned to the pharmacy for refilling, it is placed in the Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management Workstation where the system reads all product inventory and compares it against the precise PAR level and formulary specifics of that kit or tray. All inventory is counted simultaneously—any missing, expired or soon-to-expire medications are identified, and a medication pick list is generated so replenishment can happen quickly and accurately. So you always have the right drugs, in the right doses—when and where you need them.


Time Savings and Error Elimination In Minutes

The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System is proven to save staff time and provides assurance each task is performed with 100% accuracy—nothing missing, nothing expired. Automation eliminates human error, distraction and exhaustion that goes along with manually checking trays—and the Intelliguard® System does not permit steps in the process to be missed or skipped.


One System. Three Ways We Fit Your Pharmacy.

We understand hospital pharmacies: space is limited! That’s why we designed three space-saving, ergonomic solutions of the Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System for your main pharmacy, satellite pharmacies, and surgery centers:

  • All-in-one cart
  • Countertop unit
  • Under counter unit

We also understand pharmacy workflows. Our Workstations are designed with you in mind.

Developed with human factors and ergonomics in mind, our well-thought-out solutions provide optimum comfort for your staff. The workstation door folds down to create the work surface from which the technician replenishes trays. The Countertop and Under Counter are designed to be installed at any height to optimize comfortable, functional use. All Solutions include an integrated touchscreen computer, barcode scanner for encoding medications, proximity badge reader and printer.


We Thought Of Everything

The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System has been designed with an easy-to-use touchscreen user interface and a highly intuitive operating system.

Our solutions can be networked together or work independently. For example, one Kit and Tray Management System can be used for refilling anesthesia trays from a satellite pharmacy or operating room core, while the other remains in your main pharmacy and is used for refilling all other tray types.

Another example is the opportunity to use a restocking only unit to allow an ancillary processing function of your forward medication inventory in an area separate from where you are doing daily tray processing.

The Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System also provides printable reports that highlight critical information for each kit and help prepare for audits more quickly and accurately.

Reports are available on demand. Staff and administration have immediate access to real-time actionable information and historic utilization data to better optimize kit and tray configurations and right-size inventory.


The Smallest Proven RFID Smart Tag in the Industry

Feedback from hospital anesthesiology and clinicians is unanimous. Kits, Trays, Tackle Boxes, Emergency Transport Bags and Anesthesia Fanny Packs all share one common trait—space is tight and manufacturer labels must not be obscured in any way. With this in mind, MEPS Real-Time® developed the smallest proven RFID Smart Tag in the industry. 65% smaller than any other RFID tag available with similar function, our Intelliguard® RFID Smart Tag is easier to handle, less intrusive and alleviates the potential to impede or crowd your trays—especially large anesthesia trays.


RFID-Enabled Kit and Tray Replenishment:
How it Works


Initial RFID scan for missing, expired and soon-to-expire drugs.

Refill tray as specified on medication pick list.

Rescan to confirm tray is accurate and quarantine for pharmacist approval.


Scan to confirm tray is complete and error free.

Capture lock code (optional).

Print tray inventory report to authorize approval for clinical use.


Tray Deployment Information at Your Fingertips: The Intelliguard® Virtual Logbook

The Intelliguard® Virtual Logbook is truly the "last mile" in the pharmacy process to deliver and manage medication kits and trays for patient care. Working in conjunction with the Intelliguard® Kit and Tray Management System, the Virtual Logbook electronically records the location of medication kits, trays and carts as well as to whom they were released, throughout the hospital. All information is stored and available for instant visibility to locate any medication kit, tray or cart – anywhere, at any time, whether there is a recall or to manage monthly expiration inventory checks.

Accessed through a simple user interface, the Intelliguard® Virtual Logbook provides instant visibility to a wealth of valuable data, including:

  • Information on kit or tray location once it leaves the pharmacy for quick and easy retrieval
  • Audit trail for each deployed kit including to whom and when it was released as well as the deployed location
  • Knowledge of each medication located in every kit including lot number, NDC and expiration date
  • Analytics on which departments use what trays and how often
  • Critical data to prepare for internal or JAHCO audits more quickly and accurately

Critical inventory is automatically recorded in the Virtual Logbook for accurate, on-the-spot management, anywhere you are.