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The Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System

The Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System is the first real-time inventory management system that operates at the point-of-care to provide accurate, data-driven processes, without impact to anesthesia care team workflows. Using patented and exclusive RFID technology, the Intelliguard® LVIS™ automatically collects actionable medication inventory data at the point-of-care, without requiring manual counting, paper recording or item level scanning.

The Intelliguard® RFID Solution empowers pharmacy teams to:

  • Know what, when and who removed or returned each OR drug, as it occurs

  • Ensure anesthesia care teams always have what they need

  • Manage regulatory and narcotics control requirements

  • Understand diversion vulnerability for controlled substances

  • Ensure expiry is properly managed and recalls are quickly and thoroughly handled

…All conveniently out of sight at the point-of-care.


Zero Disruption to Procedural Workflows

An RFID-enabled Intelliguard® LVIS™ securely stores drugs in each operating room. Access-controlled locking records each user interaction and provides the security needed for narcotics storage.

Every time an Intelliguard® LVIS™ drawer is closed, the Intelliguard® RFID inventory management system captures and timestamps data on every medication removed or returned. And because the Intelliguard® LVIS™ automatically tracks inventory upon removal, highly valued open matrix access is granted to anesthesia care teams – speeding access to medications and virtually eliminating the practice of pre-drawing medications for multiple patients in advance.


The OR Doesn’t Have to be a Black Hole for Your Anesthesia Drugs

Offering secure access, constant, real-time visibility, and reliable use metrics crucial for hospital pharmacy charge capture validation, the Intelliguard® LVIS™ provides visibility and analytics to enable pharmacy departments to deliver superior service levels key to quality patient care and physician satisfaction, metrics to enable cooperative inventory planning, and visibility to ensure the secure storage and accounting required for restricted drugs.

With virtually guaranteed anesthesia care team compliance, pharmacists are equipped with:

  • Continuous accurate inventory level visibility

  • Advance notifications of impending stock-outs

  • Real-time and historical usage data

  • Precise utilization data for charge capture reconciliation

  • Identification of diversion vulnerabilities

Simple Workflow. Actionable Data.

The Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System™ automatically captures and timestamps data on every medication removed or returned each time an Intelliguard® LVIS™ drawer is closed – with no scanning or manual recording required from the care team. Real-time inventory management is enabled, allowing pharmacy teams to respond to actual clinical needs and precisely implement safe medication inventory processes.


Real Time Visibility

With the Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System™, inventory details are instantly available through a browser-based inventory reporting and notification Client Intelligence Portal, enabling pharmacy teams to:

  • Know which medications are approaching or have reached minimum par levels

  • Replenish inventory based on actual clinical usage

  • View item-level data to respond to outdated, soon-to-expire and recalled drugs

  • Review and analyze utilization patterns to collaborate on right sizing inventory

  • Receive usage details by patient encounter to enable charge capture reconciliation

  • Understand usage patterns and identify outliers that may warrant further investigation

Put RFID Technology to Work for You

Using advanced RFID technology, the Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System™ offers a non-disruptive, user-friendly experience for anesthesiologists, while providing pharmacies the real-time information they need to right size inventory, ensure safeguards that protect patient safety and personal accountability, reconcile usage for revenue cycle management and assure the right drugs in the right quantities are available where and when they’re needed.

Contact us today to get a live demo of the Intelliguard® Linked Visibility Inventory System and see how it really is as easy as opening and closing a drawer to enable reliable, real time medication and narcotics inventory details from each OR.

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