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Intelliguard® RFID Solutions provide unparalleled real-time visibility for critical inventory management in healthcare. Download our product literature for more information on the full ecosystem of Intelliguard® RFID Solutions or for further details on individual products. 

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Rady Children's Hospital Tracks Anesthetic Drugs Via RFID

Managing medications used by anesthesiologists during surgery is as time-consuming as it is critical to ensuring that all product is available when needed. San Diego's Rady Children's Hospital is among the medical facilities employing a medication-tray management system provided by MEPS-Real Time that employs passive ultrahigh-frequency RFID tags.

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FFF Enterprises Verified Inventory Program-Consignment

Patient care providers want to have the right medications or biopharmaceuticals on hand when their patients need them, but many of those products, often valued at thousands of dollars, have sensitive temperature storage requirements and short shelf lives, making onsite storage unfeasible. FFF Enterprises, a major distributor of plasma, vaccines and biopharmaceuticals in the United States, has developed the Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc) system, an RFID-based solution intended to make it possible for the company's customers to track these sensitive products, as well as the conditions in which they are stored.

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Implementation of Radio Frequency Identification for Medication Tray Management - North York General Hospital