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Technical Papers About the Use of RFID in Healthcare

MEPS Real-Time, Inc. is meticulously dedicated to following the highest quality RFID standards for our Intelliguard® RFID Solutions. We are an active collaborator with the RAIN RFID Alliance and committed to improving the quality of patient care through the innovative use of RFID.

Refer to the technical papers below for more information on RFID and its uses in healthcare.

Effects Evaluation of UHF RFID Systems on the Molecular Structure of Biological Drugs

The growing counterfeiting problem and the significant fragmentation of the pharmaceutical market are resulting in an increase of difficulty to trace medicines.

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Non-Thermal Effects of Radio Frequency Exposure on Biologic Pharmaceuticals for RFID Applications

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been an emerging technology over the past decade with applications ranging from simple supply chain utilizations to sensory monitoring of heat- and humidity-sensitive products during transportations.

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RFID and UHF: A Prescription for RFID Success in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Companies across many industries are now looking at RFID to streamline operations, meet regulatory requirements and prevent the introduction of counterfeit product into the supply chain to protect both consumer safety and company profitability. In order to implement RFID systems, enterprises must make a critical decision: which protocol/frequency band should be implemented—High Frequency (HF) or Ultra High Frequency (UHF)? HF protocols have been in existence longer than UHF—the UHF Gen 2 standard was ratified on December 16, 2004. But the UHF next-generation RFID standard was developed to deliver the features and functionality missing from the prior generation of standards as defined by key customers and applications—and specifically to provide the enterprise class functionality required to support the ubiquitous adoption of RFID.

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Alien Technologies - Pharmaceutical Shifts Towards UHF RFID for Savings

The pharmaceutical industry in the United States dispensed more than $260 billion worth of prescription medications in 2008, and in the global marketplace the total is more than twice that amount. Distributing regulated pharmaceuticals is done through a complex supply chain involving thousands of trading partners who conduct business through multiple transaction levels. At all of these levels there are benefits to be derived from RFID technologies, beginning with the effort to stem the influx of counterfeit drugs.

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Deep Wide Near Far

If you are considering HF RFID technologies over UHF Gen 2, the first question is… why? By virtue of the innovative ways Impinj exploits the nuances of RF physics, UHF Gen 2 now performs equally well on small, individual items traveling along high-speed manufacturing lines as it does on pallets of cased goods rolling through distribution centers. In the bargain, UHF Gen 2 has rendered the older, slower and more costly HF (13.56 MHz) RFID technologies obsolete.

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